What To Do About Your Car After an Accident Pt.1

Call A Mobile Mechanic?

Call a Mobile Auto Mechanic

Most people would never think of it but calling a mobile mechanic for the inspection of minor repairs at the scene of a car accident is actually a great idea as you can get a report right then and there from the mechanic.
This strategy is not something you would do in the case of serious injuries, but for residential accidents, it can be a great alternative to tow trucks and shops, scheduling and the hassle involved in all of that.
A mobile mechanic can come to where you are and once a diagnosis is done can probably do the repair and get you back on the road, all the while giving you his expert opinion.
Speaking of expert opinions, that is why we asked Andy from Las Vegas Mobile Mechanic.

He gives us the low-down on the mobile mechanic industry and can tell you what to watch out for as well as what the pros and cons are when hiring a mobile auto mechanic.
The obvious #1 pro is the fact that you can usually get a mobile mechanic to you within a couple hours depending on the time of day.

The biggest con is just that.  There are a lot of con men in the mobile mechanic trade. You have to ask the right questions BEFORE they come out to your location. Like are they insured, do they offer warranty and most importantly do they take credit cards…. You don’t want to pay cash to a mobile mechanic. If they only take cash it’s a sure sign that they are on the take and may rip you off.

That said there is an equal amount of reputable mechanics out there who can provide a wide range of services from diagnostics and oil changes to dropping transmissions and complete brake jobs.

A reputable mechanic will have a website set up to inform you of his services.

This video has some great advice to follow!

If you have an older car, you know how expensive repairs can be. That’s why mobile mechanics are more popular than ever. They promised to come by your house and fix your car for a fraction of what a dealer would charge, but for the third summer in a row, we’re getting complaints at none in your side about mechanics who are not doing the job. David just opens the hood of his Buick to show me what he’s almost embarrassed to admit. He was ripped off by a scam mechanic,
needed some car repair work done. Went onto craigslist, there he found mechanics offering their services for between 25 and $50 an hour, half the price of a dealer, so he called one and paid him cash upfront for some needed parts, but when the mechanic city was done, David says he realized he had been taken.

He would have had to remove off these bolts here to pull this engine out of here, and you could obviously tell that the bolts never had any rust removed off of them.

]avid was out more than 500 bucks with an unrepaired engine, so we searched online and found this is a common scam nationwide, you’re paying for the parts only when you get the car back later on, you find out, well then Angela was never out of the car.

There’s nothing wrong with most mobile mechanics. They can save you money, but AAA warranty to get their address and Google them, make sure they have a truck full of professional tools, not just some wrenches and screwdrivers. Ask if they take credit cards. Most legitimate mechanics do, and is David learned, never pay cash in advance.

It doesn’t matter whether you. It looks like mother Theresa or whether he tells you his Mother Teresa, since we first looked into this topic two years ago, none of your side continues to field complaints about tristate mobile mechanics. Continuing to do the same thing. If you’ve been ripped off in a car repair, let me know and as always, don’t waste your money.

Hope all this helps steer you in the right direction!